The Importance of a Dental Exam and Cleaning

the importance of a dental exam and cleaning

Your oral health is equally important to managing your overall health. If you are avoiding taking care of your dental health and are not visiting your dentist, you should start right away. Almost all dental professionals advise having regular dental checkups. Scheduling routine dental examinations and cleanings with a dentist in SW Calgary can improve your oral health and maintain the brightness of your teeth. This is your guide to understanding the significance of dental checkups and routine cleanings.

What is a Dental Exam?

A dental examination is a component of a gum and tooth checkup. Typically, a visit to the dentist consists of the following three components: a dental cleaning to get rid of the bacteria-covered, sticky coating known as plaque. X-rays of your teeth at specific appointments, based on the condition of your teeth.

Generally speaking, dental exams should be scheduled every six months for both adults and children. Regular dental cleanings in SW Calgary are essential to preserving and safeguarding your oral health. If oral health issues are not addressed by dental specialists right away, they may worsen and cause pain. 

The significance of oral health care

Your mouth is teeming with relatively innocuous microorganisms, just like other parts of the body. However, since your mouth is where your respiratory and digestive systems enter, certain germs there have the potential to cause illness. Like any other illness, oral disease requires treatment. Chronic infections, such as those that occur in the mouth, are dangerous conditions that must be taken seriously. However, bleeding or sore gums are frequently disregarded. 

Additionally, some drugs might decrease salivary flow. These include decongestants, antihistamines, analgesics, diuretics, and antidepressants. Saliva assists in protecting you against microorganisms that grow and cause illness by washing away food particles and neutralizing acids produced by oral bacteria.

A check-up’s objectives are to treat any cracked or broken teeth and to stop the development of various oral disorders. The illness frequently has no pain in the early stages. However, in order to treat this before it becomes worse or becomes permanent, it is imperative that you catch it early. 

Routine oral cleaning, including brushing and flossing, is important to manage your overall health. This will ultimately lead to managing any oral disease you might catch. Many individuals disregard their dental health by skipping routine examinations with our dentists.

Regular Dental Exam Benefits: Why Do I Need to Get My Teeth Cleaned?

Regular dental cleanings will maintain the health of your body and teeth. Furthermore, regular dental cleanings involve polishing to remove stains and leave your mouth feeling incredibly fresh, as well as flossing in between your teeth to keep your teeth whiter. Professional cleanings are advised by many dentist near you as a component of a consistent oral hygiene regimen. Actually, a number of studies in medicine have shown connections between general health and dental health.

Dental Hygiene

A thorough cleaning of your teeth, gums, and mouth will be one of the most crucial aspects of your dental examination. A routine adult cleaning is offered if gum disease (inflammation) is not present. Should gum disease be evident, a more thorough dental exam near you of the gums can be required.

Every six months, routine exams are typically advised to make sure you’re in good health.  Among the dental cleanings are:

  • Seeing how clean your gums and teeth are
  • Removing all tartar and plaque
  • Making your teeth shine
  • In between your teeth, floss
  • Going over the recommended brushing and flossing methods
  • Fluoride therapy to strengthen dental enamel against deterioration

Regular cleaning and check-ups mean a healthier you!

Keep in mind that your whole health is more important than just your oral health. Just like a robust immune system and a heart that is in good health, having healthy teeth and gums is essential to maintaining overall health and a higher standard of living! Book your appointment with Atlas Dental Centre.

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